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Are there global values that all people have in common?  Psychologist Shalom H. Schwartz asked himself this question in the late 1980s, and as a result developed a broadly accepted model consisting of 10 value types.

Specifically, Schwartz previously defined that a person’s values, which are aligned with his or her goals, are abstract but can certainly be viewed as fundamental concepts or beliefs. These values form what are known as guiding principles (core values), which is how a person’s identity is formed.

What are your dominant values? Find out with the help of the questionnaire (as interactive PDF) attached below which includes 50 short questions and can be completed in around 5 minutes. The results are automatically summarized (not working on mobile devices) based on your answers. From there you just need to transfer them manually to an embedded chart for better visualization. Any form of registration to receive your results is not required.

Download (PDF) “Universal Values” – Self Test

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