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What drives us human beings to execute certain behaviors? On the one hand, our expectations, hopes, external rewards, but also internal factors, such as habits, values and needs that have become dear to us. Sometimes, however, we tend to behave in ways that we feel are not particularly appropriate afterwards. Behind this are often unconscious behavior patterns and internalized rules of life. Our so-called “inner drivers”.

Like many of our behavior patterns, they developed early in childhood. We use them to react to expressed as well as unspoken demands of external authorities, especially those of our parents, relatives and early caregivers. We have internalized their expectations of us to such an extent that they still determine our behavior as adults and come to surface especially in situations of stress and strain.

With a self-test you can find out which driver is most effective in you – and how you can best deal with it. Just drop me an email:


You will then not only receive the interactive questionnaire (5-10 minutes answering time) with automatic calculation of your score per driver, but also some guidance on how to sustainably debilitate drivers potentially critical for you. All free of charge.