You are looking for solutions

to overcome stagnation, dissatisfaction and stress in your job or to master new challenges?

At our business coaching sessions we develop new perspectives and strategies together to tackle following topics:

  • Becoming more convincing towards your employees to follow your ideas
  • Setting up your team more efficiently and increase its performance
  • Finding your new role after a promotion or job transfer
  • Taking the next step on your career path
  • Settling into a foreign culture on an expatriate assignment
  • Better withstanding the pressure in your job and prevent loss of control
  • Successfully implementing a new, challenging project
  • Reorienting yourself professionally
  • Exploring whether the path to self-employment is the right choice for you


I follow this motto when working with companies as well as with private clients. In doing so, I combine many years of leadership experience in an international work environment with solid coaching expertise in order to sustainably anchor changes in the company and support personal professional development.

My coachings are primarily conducted for employees – from career starters to managing directors – in logistics, because this industry has been my “home turf” since I graduated as an industrial engineer (“Diplom Wirtschaftsingenieur”), and this is where I can provide coachees and mentees the most added value.

As a certified online coach, I provide you the option of working together virtually only or in a hybrid way (i.e. in a combination between face-to-face and remote coaching).


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